Different Kinds of Hardwood Planters

Hardwood Planters

Hardwood planters are prominent for their resistance to decompose of any plant and are highly resilient in nature. They can last for a considerable period of time without being treated. However, the durability also depends on the type of wood used to make it. Wood planters are apt for improving urban developments, parks, private gardens and public residential areas. Get to know about the various types of planters on https://godu-tuin.nl/c/hardhouten-plantenbakken that offer shrubs and flower beds to enhance the greenery of any place. Click for More Here and explore the wide array of planters.

Hardwood planters can enhance and complement every atmosphere. You can get custom-made planters of any required shape and size. Planters vary from each other on the basis of the timber and finishing used to make them. From charred or natural Oak, larch, FSC hardwood and Accoya wood, planters are made of different kind of woods.

Some popular planters that you can choose
The most prominent kind is the Classic Planter that is designed with detailed linings. You can fit them on any site as they are ready-made plant beds. Such planters are created in variety of sizes and shapes. The classic planter is generally made of thermo wood, FSC oak, FSC Iroko or Accoya wood. If you want then the manufacturers can also get it painted for you to elevate the look of the planters.

Curved hardwood planters are another kind of plant beds that are apt for any environment. The planters are bespoke created in desired shapes and sizes. Popular planter manufacturers offer a wide variety of timber and finishing choices when it comes to curved planters. The wood used to craft these flower pots are mainly FSC hardwood, Larch and Accoya wood.

You can also opt for heavy-duty hardwood planters that are durable and can support heavy and tall plants. Such planters are fully lined and offer a great look when placed in gardens or residential areas.
The stylish London colored hardwood planter can boost and complement the appearance of any garden area. The charred and bold natural oak sections are excellent if placed in contrasting colors. The planters are personalized and are available in any size and shape. We offer the planters in a wide variety of timbers and finish options including natural or charred Oak, FSC hardwoods and Larch. They are offered mainly in three sizes and decorated with a zinc liner on the borders.

When the location matters or those who want to plant shrubs that need a deeper root space for example camellias and roses, the Tall Manhattan Hardwood Planter will be an ideal solution to plant these flowers.Such planters have clear and detailed lines and offer a neat look. The tall Manhattan hardwood planters are modern and stylish. They are high quality planters of solid construction with horizontal slats and clean pointed finials that are made from acacia hardwood from sustainable sources.The hardwood is stained, oiled and gently rubbed down by hand to provide it an elegant appearance. It also has a removable base to help it remove and clean the pot easily.

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